Welcome to Rochester Community Schools AP World History Wiki. This site is designed to force to students to collaborate in their preparation for the AP World History Exam on May, 17 2012. The end goal for this wiki project is to produce a final study guide that summarizes all of the historical content that is to be learned during the AP World History journey. To accomplish this task students will develop several other relevant skills that pertain to online collaboration, team work, writing, research, oranizing, digital production and citing resources.

Collaborator Bios

Mr. Compton
An AP World History teacher at Rochester Community Schools. He manages this site with his small army of co-authors that compose Rochester School's AP History class. On his spare time Compton likes to cook, read books, watch Spartan football and take long walks on the beach
Admiral Ackbar, its a trap.
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Courtney is a senior (2012!!) at Rochester High School. She is in the Falcon Marching Band. She also plays Softball for Rochester. She enjoys watching the Spartans kick the Wolverines butts in football, and hanging with her friends.
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Andrew Hsu
Certified pokemon master of the universe.
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Gabe Stroe
3 things
- Official Knock-off Russian
- Hockey
- The only thing im addicted to is winning
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Wilson Wong- I like to play ping pong and was born in the year of the dog. Sometimes I enjoy cooking traditional Chinese dishes such as spring rolls and fried dumplings
Farha Hanif is a senior at Rochester High. She likes to play tennis, read, and of course learn about: World History! :)
Her ultimate goal in life is to live in NYC :D
Ally Kane
I am a senior at RHS. I enjoy playing tennis, reading, and watching movies. I also like learning about World History:) Oh, one more thing. I love the University of Michigan :)
Ashley Jacobs
I am a senior at Rochester. I love playing tennis, drawing, and painting. I also like History, Art and English. I have nothing else to say.
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Anuj Thaker

My name is Anuj Thaker. I am a senior at Rochester High School. My favorite color is Dark Black.
My name is Lauren Lucas, and I will own a teacup pig before I die. <3
Jasmine Sholapurwalla is a SENIO12 at Rochester High School. She loves to dance, read, and the color pink. She is obsessed with Harry Potter and turtles :)
My name is Emily Mertz and I am a senior at Rochester High School.
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Hrishi Kulkarni
A Senior at RHS...not much to say, can't believe the Lion's have started winning.

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Ani Mayasandra.
Senio12, Cricket Player, Spartan.
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Not this year 16-0, Nathan Starnes

Juinor13, High School Baseball Team.
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My name is Natalie. Along with every single other person here, I am a senior at RHS. I love sports, watching movies, and reading. My favorite sport is hockey because obviously it's the best sport ever created, but football is the most fun to watch. Harry Potter is amazing. I'm split between U of M and MSU because I've always liked Michigan Football, but I want to go to State. I have two younger brothers that I actually like, and I couldn't live without my friends.

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Alice Lalone
I'm a senior in AP World History. I enjoy long walks on the beach, holding hands, and singing in the rain. Oh and I love BPA!

Katie Ziraldo
A student at Rochester High School, she has spent three years on the newspaper and plans to study journalism at a college level next year. She contributes to this site in Mr. Compton's AP World History class.
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Alexis Farrell

A senior at RHS. On my spare time I like to read, listen to music, and do photography

Revolutionist. Free Syria. Free Palestine. Arab Spring 2011. "Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry March 3, 1775.

"A riot is the language of the unheard. " Martin Luther King Jr.

Besides that i enjoy college football and i am a U of M fan. #supportbradyhoke #beatMsuandOsu. #golions